Sunday 14 December 2008

BOB Controles Regio Aalst

Het is feest als Bob rijdt!

De lijst van eindejaars controles in de regio Aalst

Bob campagne Aalst

Week van 15 tot en met 21 december 2008

maandag 15 december
Baardegem-Dorp - Baardegem
Gentse Steenweg - Aalst

dinsdag 16 december

Bremtstraat - Nieuwerkerken
Parklaan - Aalst

woensdag 17 december
Parklaan - Aalst
Boudewijnlaan - Aalst

donderdag 18 december
R41 (viaduct) - Aalst
Brusselbaan 122-300 / 157-311 - Erembodegem

vrijdag 19 december
Gentse Steenweg - Aalst
Dendermondsesteenweg (Ring tot Hofstade) - Aalst

zondag 21 december
Parklaan - Aalst
Brusselbaan 122-300 / 157-311 - Erembodegem
N45 (expressweg) - Erembodegem

Week van 22 tot en met 28 december 2008

maandag 22 december
Ninovesteenweg - Erembodegem
Steenweg naar Oudegem - Gijzegem

dinsdag 23 december
Faluintjesstraat / Maaldershofstraat (kort gedeelte) - Meldert
Leopoldlaan - Aalst

woensdag 24 december
Brusselse steenweg - Aalst
Bredestraat - Aalst

Week van 29 tot en met 31 december 2008
maandag 29 december
N45 (expressweg) - Erembodegem
Boudewijnlaan - Aalst

dinsdag 30 december
Geraardsbergsesteenweg - Erembodegem

woensdag 31 december
Steenweg naar Oudegem - Gijzegem
Albrechtlaan - Aalst

City Trippin' to Amsterdam

Finally some more blogging about travelling!

At a mere 250km from Brussels, Amsterdam is the closest capital for a city trip. And it's worth it. Except for the large amount of tourist crowds around the busy places, the city is perfect for a short weekend out.

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam,Amsterdam,diamond skullI the museum

The canals and architecture of the city are probably the biggest attraction and invite for long walks through the center. Though it's easy to get lost, if you follow some big canal you always get back where you wanted. The city is pretty big, therefore exploring the city by bike is often a good plan if you really want to see everything in some days time.

Going by car from Belgium is easy and only a couple of hours driving, but be aware: parking space in Amsterdam is rare and damn expensive (3,5 to 6€ per hour). A full day in a covered parking costs 50€. Driving around in the city is definetely discouraged and the small streets are not great for driving anyway...

So we walked and walked around...this is what we saw on our way

Skewed houses along the waterside

The House of Bols, the modern version of brewery visit. Won the design award of the year for the nice concept of the 'museum'.

Smells and Tastes...
A great tour, a great tasting session afterwards...and great marketing @ the House of Bols

Pop Art in the Academic neighbourhood

Concert Hall

diamond skull, Amsterdam
picture of the diamond skull exposed inside

Amsterdam Canal
more houses along the canal

Red Light District Amsterdam
One of the classics: the red light district of Amsterdam by night, 90% tourists, 10%...

boats AmsterdamHouses and boats...charming

Amsterdam Centraal
Amsterdam Central Station - boats, trams, trains qand bikes...

bike parking Amsterdama lot of bikes.....