Thursday 22 May 2014

The Truth is out there, Math Men

There's more Mad Men in us than we think, dear Math Men. Data might be overtaking the marketing space and out of nowhere data scientists, growth hackers and such pop-up, but let's not lose the essence here. Marketing is, and always has been, about people. Though the data might be giving priceless information, it's worthless without context.

I'm not saying this because I believe in brochures and cold calling, I am an analyst too, but meeting the people behind a business, feeling their products and understanding their motivations, often (heavily) influenced my interpretation of their data.

Segments don't exist, you know. We, marketeers, are inventing them to make our life's easier, but the reality is that we cannot capture this uniqueness in a KPI.

Let's life with that and go out there. Let's all be Don Drapers, let's all be Math Men.
You don't even have to choose.