Thursday 30 July 2009

Cellcom commercial goes wrong

McCann Erickson made a not so subtle commercial for Cellcom, a telecomoperator in Isreal. It depicts Israeli soldiers and Palestinians alike, playing a fun game of soccer over the (internationally condemned) 'anti-terror' wall. To show the world what really happens when a football is shot over the wall, the Palestians made their own version.Great viral marketing?

If you are looking for a telecom operator that actually does something for the Palestinians click here. (in NL.)

Thursday 23 July 2009

The Apple App Wall

Apple displaying their iphone apps in a very cool way. The wall displays all apps available in the Apple store. Everytime an application is purchased, the icon pulsates. Tech crunch caught it on camera for us.

Monday 20 July 2009

Grey Goose Bar Brussels

Yesterday a foreign friend of ours arrived in Brussels asking, to go to the Grey Goose bar in Brussels. For those who don't know, Grey Goose is a vodka brand.

Apparantly the news about the great design of this particular bar had reached even the distant shores of Brazil. Eager to check this out I started looking for it on the net, with a rather mixed result.
Yes the bar exists, but it's not accesible to the public. It's the headquarters bar/meeting room of Grey Goose in Brussels.

Meeting room? Yes indeed this is where they receive guests in the company. Nice one. Must deliver a great brand experience. On top of that the design has started to life a life on itself, getting exposure on several blogs and design sites.

Good work and good taste.(by Pursang Antwerp)

photographs by Frank Gielen

Monday 13 July 2009

Billboard Mania

Browsing through pictures of last year, I came across a little movie I shot from a billboard in Chennai. We were safely behind the glass of Sid's AC-ed car and therefore the music of the car kind off synchronises with the billboard...I like it (as much as the associated memories ).

It was a campaign from Vodafone and one of the few billboards that actually caught my eye. The other pic is to give an idea of what all the other billboards looked like...

chetpet bridge

ans some more from Flickr to illustrate:

We hate Jaundice We love... Indian copywriters?