Tuesday 26 May 2009

Why Streets Look Nicer with Graffiti

Source: Make My Mood. Well yes, these things would surely cheer me up on a random strawl through the street. Though they are not called hidden beauties for nothing. Anyway, spray can art at it's best if you ask me.

Saturday 23 May 2009

Stepping in front of a bus kills

This anti-smoking campaign from the National Council against Smoking in the US didn't yell about how dangerous smoking really is, but rather focused on (boldly) asking smokers why they ignore the messages on the packs. Defintely another way of looking at it.

"You can't ignore this message. Why ignore them on cigarette packs?"

Thursday 21 May 2009

World Record Base Jump

Amazing little video shot by the two guys who base jumped the Burj in Dubai. Robin Smidt and Jan Bednarz wrote history when they first jumped of the world's tallest building. It's only the second time that the French jumper got caught, the first time they got away with it. Watch their legendary and highly illegal base jump:

Also read 5 most mindblowing Base jumps

Monday 18 May 2009

Youtube 48hour ad contest

It's the Cannes Young Lion's advertising competition made available to the masses, on Youtube . The 48h competition will reward the YouTube winners with a place at the real competition in Cannes. There the challenge will be to make a 60min ad with a mobile phone only, in 48h.

Apparantly it's unleashing a lot of creativity from all corners of the world and it's fun to watch...and vote.

All ad video's had to be made for an well known international charity, kept secret until friday the 15th of May. A short briefing announced Oxfam and the 48hours started. Thousands of ads were made over the weekend and posted on Youtube. They all ask for your signature, your way to show your support at the copenhague climate convention.

Funny, striking, creative or boring...you have 13 days..4hours...49minutes to judge yourself.

Saturday 16 May 2009

Guaranteed Laughing - Family Guy

Family Guy, my daily portion of humor on BBC three. I think you wether like it or you absolutely don't, but I find it brilliant. For the simple reason it's the only show on TV that makes me genuinely laugh every two minutes. That keeps me hooked.

In the 100th episode special, Steth Macfarlane puts it more or less like this "We hold a mirror to American society (so you like what you see or you don't)"
Judge yourself.

Tuesday 5 May 2009

Travel Impressions of Zaragoza

Not in the mood to describe my past weekend in detail, but it was great. I hope the travel impressions reflect that. Here is a piece of Zaragoza.

wind turbines 30km outside Zaragoza

viva el capitalismo

cathedral of Zaragoza

Goya, the painter from Zaragoza

view on Basilica