Thursday 16 October 2014

Sandboarding in Lima

Sandboarding in Lima

Though Lima boosts some incredible museums and beautiful parks in the Miraflores district, thrill seekers might prefer spending the day sandboarding in the desert hills surrounding the capital.

Typically sandboarding in Peru is practiced in the city of Ica, on the Huacachina Lagoon in particular, but that's 300km south of Lima and is too far for a day trip. Rafo Motta is the first one to offer sandboarding to tourists in Lima. He (or a taxi) picks you up in your hotel and after getting the (snow)board gear right, he drives you in his jeep to the hills behind Chilca, some 60 km out of the city.

The off-road ride is already a lot of fun and the landscape is beautiful, so that's already half won before you even start. If you don't know how to snowboard, Rafo will patiently teach you, if you do know...there's a jump! The 'secret' is to wax the board a lot and lean back like in powder snow.

The minimum you need should be around 4 hours but it's better to take the afternoon session and don't plan too much at night to have more boarding time.

In the 2-3 years since he started, he racked up some well deserved comments on Tripadvisor as well.

For Reservations and info about sandboarding in Lima, contact or check out the blog Sandboard Lima

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