Monday 28 September 2009

Car free, Care Free

I'm a bit late with this post, cos the 'car-free-sunday' in Brussels was already more than a week ago, but as the summary is based rather on what I saw than on the actual fact of having a virtually car free city center that day, i judge it less important (to my own convenience, you understand).

Anyway, as I have no bike (in Brussels) I was forced to jump on my skateboard as only means of travelling. Lukily I did have a cycling companion to take care of the uphill parts. A logic pleace to roll down to was the skatepark at La Chapelle (Kapellkerk), where Brussels FM had installed their truck to pump some beats. Ragga at my time of arrival ,I remember. Nice.

After a beer and hanging around around we continued our way to Bar Recyclart, where some customizing was going on for bikes and skateboards. Also some fine skateboarding as a matter of fact. I took the opportunity the check the inside of the heavily painted station again and took some pics to document.

It was a nice day and a nice initiative to ban all cars out of the city for a day. Therefore I must disagree with the nerdy chit chat about Brussels being even more dangerous when the cars are banned... Car free is care free :)

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