Thursday 28 October 2010

Morcheeba passing by Brussels

Exactly one week ago, I know I'm late with this post, Morcheeba played for a well filled Cirque Royale in Brussels. Now I'm not what you call a dedicated follower of Morcheeba, but I'm aware of their songs and I like them. Even more now that I've seen them playing live. The mix of downtempo beats, instruments and  Skye's sexy voice make's it so suitable for a laiback chill-out session.

Of course Morcheeba was in Brussels to promote their new album Blood Like Lemonade, but at no point I had the feeling I was attending a PR stunt. Both old and new songs passed the  revue and the public loved it. Their hit 'Rome wasn't build in a day' was probably one of the highlights of the evening, Skye's  "Do you feel like dancing?!" must have been a relief for many. Personally I liked a lot "Beat of the Drum" from their new album and Otherwise, a older classic.

Unfortunately I was too much in a hurry to grab my camera, so I was confined to my mobile with pretty lame audio quality.

Somebody closer to the stage also caught this memorable moment of the concert:

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