Wednesday 10 August 2011

Rise Up, Reggae Stars

Rise up  is a documentary from Luciano Blotta about 3 artists in Jamaica, trying to make a better living with their musical talent. I remember discovering 'Turbulence' when BBC originally aired it in 2010 but it's only after integrally watching a recent re-run on the dutch TV that I realised it probably deserved a blogpost too.

The documentary was shot over several years and goes deep into the musical soul of the Jamaican people, often underpriviliged and struggling. There are 3 main characters. On one side Turbulence, a self-made ghetto star who eventually scored a hit with his song 'Notorious'. On the hand other 'Ice', a wannabe gangster who's more occupied with his looks than his singing. Finally of course the unpolished diamond 'Kemoy Reid', with her mesmerising voice and shy look probably THE revelation of this film.

Defintely worth your time if you like music.

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