Saturday 28 April 2012

Major Lazer on tour in Brussels

For those who like a little bounce, eclectic drums and beats in a range from 50 to 150 bpm Major Lazer is probably no stranger. Diplo and Dj Switch, the original team behind the imaginary Jamaican bountykiller, made their debut in 2009 with 'Guns don't kill people...lazers do". A unique mix of dancehall, reggea, hip-hop and fidget house.

Now 3 years later, Diplo and Jillionaire came down to Brussels to show us some major musical magic. In no time the duo and their dancers got the Botanique in their pocket, taking everybody on a journey filled with fat beats, laser sounds and a gazillion samples.

Hits like Snoop's 'Drop it like it's hot", 'Nigg*s in Paris' or 'Like a G6' were carefully mixed in between Major Lazers own classics ('Pon de Floor', 'Hold the line,...'). To present some new material - "This is the first time it's played in Belgium"- they asked all girls to fill the stage and dance to their new 'Bubble butts', quite entertaining to say the least (3:24). The amazing 'Get Free' with Amber from Dirty Projecter was turned into a drum & bass banger at the end of the show. (Btw, you can download the orignal from )

Conclusion: Major Lazer is back from never been gone and we loved it.

Foto: Alex VanHee, DeMorgen

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