Sunday 17 January 2021

Natural Licors of Casa De Zorzi

 Casa De Zorzi is a family licor producer based in Santa Cruz do Sul, south of Brazil. It was founded by Jairo Dezorzi, a local entrepreneur with Italian roots and a great affection for the Italian culture.

The focus lies on the production of 100% natural licors, without any additives, conservants or stabilizers. Inspiration comes from the ancient recipes of Italian licors:

The fruits used in the licors are plucked and peeled manually. The coffee beans are organic and come from Espirito Santo in Brazil.

The history of Limoncello

Whether it was in Sorrento, Amalfi or Capri we might never know for sure were Limoncello appeared first. Several regions claim to be the birthplace of the lemon licor. We do know though it's origins date more than 100 years back.

Some say medieval fishermen would drink it to warm up on cold mornings, others say monasteries in the region produced it for the monks. 

How to drink Limoncello? 

Traditionally Limencello is drank ice-cold, after a meal, to digest. 

However is has been used more and more to mix in other drinks such as Gin Tonic, Martini or Caipirinha.

Casa De Zorzi recommends to store it's natural licors in the freezer at -17º C.

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