Saturday 4 December 2010

Next Generation Marketing, Day 2


Finally, after some cancelled flights in Berlin I can sit down in my sofa and write down some 'lessons learned ' from day 2 at the Next Generation Marketing conference for B2B (#b2beu). As day 1, it was a very exciting day with many great cases and revelations. A shortoverview:

- The Collaborative Tribe case. Amazing example of how social media can work for B2B. Dassault systèmes developped amazing creative to support awareness of their new 3D modelling software (to design airplanes and stuff) and let it go viral. During 6 weeks a worldwide audience was waiting for every next episode to be released. Finally they could submit scenario's and vote for them.

- Facebook ads allow very specific targetting, making it  useful in a B2B setting. As said on day 1, you're talking to humans not logo's, so they really are out there.

- Roy van Griensven from Phillips came with a very identifiable story. The traditional 'silo' organisation has to be overcome to create an integrated experience for the customer. As indeed for the doctor who buys a Senseo at home or a MRI scanner at the hospital, it's twice a Phillips.

- Communities are good places to nurture leads in a long sales cycle, as long as you don't come with pushy contact forms, obvious product display or sales talk. See GetInsideHealth ( better done then the one I used to work on)

- Enable Sales. Provide the right person with the right information at the right time. And give them an iPad. That will finally make them appreciate the marketing team.

- Rick Seagal came with a visonary talk about the @work state of mind: where marketing has more meaning.The leader of Gyro HSR, was very inspiring and  I could only humbly listen ( and feel like a baby in marketing).

- The main point is that work is no longer a physical place, but a state a mind in which someone is observant, in consideration, opinated and generally 'leaned forward'. Consequently as a marketer you cannot "stop" this flow, but go with it, while you deal with ever decreasing attention spans.

- How to reach people in a @work state of mind?
  • touch the heart
  • care, don't convince
  • give back, don't take
  • Ideate, don't execute
  • Join the flow, don't stop it
--> that means, amongst others,  making your communication desirable and usefull

- "B2B might be dead but the best of marketing to people has yet to come" (Rick Seagal)

- From PayPall we learned how they used Neuro Marketing to tailor their message to one that would stick in both female and male brains. This is a field overlapping science and marketing and probably there will be more of this in coming years. Companies like Neurofocus are at the forefront, delivering neuro information related to brands.

- It's about "Deep Subconscious Responses" on key brand attributes, sounds exciting eh?

- Read Buy-ology from Martin Lindstrom

- Dr. Osman Khan lectured us about loyalty and it's benefits. When done right. Most loyalty programms focus on creating a barrier, forcing your customer in some way to stay. On the other hand, when you create a positive attitude, you have loyalty based on emotional attachment.

- Only loyalty based on emotional attachment will ultimately lead to people truthfully recommanding your product or service (wether or not online). Others will go as fast as they came.

- The case of Kodak, was another great example of how social media can be leveraged in a B2B setting. It started with exploring social media for their B2C activities, but B2B soon followed with blogs crammed with usefull information for business owners, event information, discusions and more. (e.g ) .

- People from Kodak are also empowered to blog about what they love: imaging and technology. See & . Also, respect for the  Vlogger Dude, a vlogging C-suit.

- Evaluate the ROI of Social Media, as in the Risk Of Ignoring.

- Start with a blog, then with Twitter.

- @kirstenpetra put us to work in a hands on workshop on inboud marketing. We had to build a case on three pillars:
  • Free content to attract the suspect --> Be Found.
  • Content you can ask an e-mail adress for --> let the prospect learn more
  • Meaty Content you can ask personal information for --> attract the lead
Unfortunately I then ran off in an attempt to catch a plane that was bound to be cancelled, but that Brussels Airlines kept scheduled till the last moment. Sorry kirsten, I'll  make up for it by buying the Inbound Marketing book.

>> read more on Day 1 of the conference

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