Saturday 2 April 2011

Travel Impressions of Brazil

I've always thought of this blog as a bit  of a travel blog, but I've realised the occasional travel impressions are about all what's left of it. Living abroad proved more resourceful than the occasional travel. Anyway, after my latest travel to the South of Brasil + Rio de Janeiro, I'm happy to share some shots that caught my eye.

The visit of President Obama to Rio created quite a fuzz on Copacabana beach, with some half baked's spicing up the gathering.

For the launch of the new pixar movie "RIO", the Copacabana Palace, hosting the press conference, was put in the spotlight. The actual actors preferred to stay in the Fasano, a much hipper place on Ipanema beach.

Brazilian Sand Art.

 Take it Eazy! Street Art in Rio de Janeiro

View over Rio de Janeiro

Iberê Camargo Museum (ICM)
Porto Alegre, Brazil. 

 The Cacha├žeria and distillery "Fingerhut", a must if you are in Santa Cruz do Sul. 
Lizete Engel, woman of the house, will give you a splendid little tour in perfect English and of course some tasting afterwards.

 Lovely swimming spot in nature, somewhere around Santa Cruz.

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  1. Amazing. Brazil is really one of the countries in South America that I will be visiting. I look forward to spending a vacation there.