Thursday 18 September 2008

Traveling India: Stage 5: Rajasthan

We got quicker out of Jaipur as we intended and headed to Udaipur further south, after having dealt with the most important Jaipur monuments.

Jaipur boosts some amazing buildings and looks pretty organized. The old city (inside the walls) is divided in squares with specialized bazaars for every block, but despite all that it's still hot, polluted and overcrowded. The City Palace, home of the Maharajah, is surely worth the visit, but once outside the city confronts again. We walked and walked and walked around Jaipur till we literally couldn't feel our feet anymore, but we got a fair impression of the city in the 2 days we were there.

We also reasoned Udaipur would better to chill out so we took an overnight 10h bus ride to Udaipur.

Udaipur is famous for it's Lake Pichola and the Lake Palace right in the middle of it. The Bond movie 'Octopussy' was shot here and many of the restaurants show the movie every single night for the hordes of tourists that arrive here in the season. The place is beautiful though and pretty peaceful. It has been raining quite a bit over the last couple of days, but the sun also shines regularly and the many rooftop restaurants with lake view are cool to chill out or get stuffed with continental food. We have been enjoying ourselves, visited temples and walked around the lake and generally having a good time.

Lake Palace, Udaipur Jagmandir Island, Udaipur Kama Sutra on Temple,Udaipur

Tomorrow we are taking a marathon bus ride of more than 16 hours to Mumbai, where my friends Thomas and Filip will be arriving on the same day as us...

As always, to be continued....

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  1. aaah shit man, bombay! best place in the frikin world! uv gota check out juhu beach - 'vie lounge' and a place called 'chorus'(that one is a real must), on the same road, 'juhu tara road' i think.

    i just remember the massive jumbo jets flying overhead really low, right by the beach, huge palm trees and cool lights, blokes opening the doors for you when u want to go for a piss, 28 degrees at midnight. man, sexy stuff!

    when u back in europe?