Sunday 28 September 2008

Traveling India: Stage 7: Goa & Hampi

Mea Culpa, it has been some time since the last post again, but what to do if you're chilling on a beach in Goa? The last thing on my mind was spending time in a grungy internet cafe instead of palm filled beaches. That said, there's not much more to say about Goa. The season hasn't started and though it was sunny, most beaches were nicely deserted. We rented bikes, drove around Goa, spend time on the beaches, swimming and drinking some beers. Of the legendary rave parties and crazy nightlife we didn't see a thing. The Summer of Love is over I guess and made room for hordes of fat tourists enjoying the good value for their euros. Nevertheless we had a great time and calmly enjoyed Goa for 3 days.

Afterwards we headed to Hampi. A horrible bus ride over way too many bumpy roads brought us to this isolated pieces of rocky hills and hundreds of temples dotted over the landscape. This very same landscape I found more attractive than the temples themselves, because maybe I have been seeing too many of them since I arrived in India, now almost a year ago. We cycled under the burning sun through the valley and catched some amazing views. While the guys prefered to go for a marathon of sightseeing, the both us took it rather easy and did everything on our own pace.

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