Friday 24 October 2008

Castelraimondo, Paradise for Language Students

If you were wondering what Castelraimondo is all about, I can be short. It's a small village, surrounded by hills, in the region of Le Marche,Italy. Pretty quiet and with the majority of the population (5000 in total!) being well passed the retirement age, nevertheless not completely uncharming.

The Castle to which Castelraimondo thanks its name might be old, but lacks all the splendour of middle-age castles as we like to imagine them. I guess they had not much alternatives to name their village hundreds of years back. Castelraimondo counts a supermarket or 2, 2 gelateria's in the main street, one bar (Alchemy) and the obligatory pizzeria, which all seem to live from the international students who come here to learn Italian (Scuola Dante Alighieri)

That last purpose, learning Italian, Castelraimondo serves pretty well. Not a single soul speaks English here, so if you don't give it your best shot you're destined to starve. The absence of entertainment and nightlife also makes studying languages by far the most useful activity, without any sign of the pleasantly disturbing atmosphere one finds in the bigger cities such as Rome.

Anyhow, Castelraimondo is still Italy, making it a synonym for good food and good wine. Escaping the daily ratrace and enjoying the small things of life are therefore the main pleasures one can get in Castelraimondo. But less is more so you don't hear me complaining.

CastelraimondoThe Castle of Castelraimondo

CastelraimondoThe main street of Castelraimondo

Le Marche,CastelraimondoAgainst the background of 'Le Marche' hills

Scuola Dante Alighierilike I said, enjoying good food and wine...

CastelraimondoA beautiful sunset, adding charm to the night in Castelraimondo

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