Wednesday 22 October 2008

Rome In a Nutshell

Rome is great! Though I didn't have time enough to visit every single place, the purpose of my trip to Italy wasn't sightseeing in the first place, Rome definitely impressed me. The city breaths history on every corner of the street and is absolutely stuffed with places I remember from the time I was studying Latin.

Unfortunately the city at the same time attracts huge crowds of tourists, who sometimes disturb quiet contemplation about times long gone. Anyway, look for yourself and start planning your next city trip if you haven't experienced the greatness of the Roman Empire...

Spanish Stairs
Fontana di TreviFontana di Trevi
Roman EmpireThe Roman Empire, at its end

Julius Ceasar, RomeVeni,Vidi,Vici - Julius Ceasar

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    cool to see you and Leti together.. it makes me think you may come soon to brazil..

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