Thursday 13 May 2010

Travel Impressions of Warsaw

Polonia stencil
In order to get a slight bit of continuity in this blog, I'll complete the "Travel Impressions series" with some shots of Warsaw, Poland, and later on Brasil as well, as I neglected to do that some months ago.

Warsaw SkyscaperWarsaw is a mix of different cities it seems.mixed up by history. OldWarsaw (visible in the Old Town) , Nazi Occupied Warsaw (one could also call it the destroyed Warsaw), Communist Warsaw and Modern Warsaw.

Though  the most prominent one in the mix nowadays surely is the modern Warsaw with it's multitude of shops, sushi bars and skyscrapers, the city honours its history and boost hundreds of monuments and memorials, as well as scars of the second world war and the communist era.

This very mix, together with the openess of the Polish people, makes it a lovely city to stroll around and keep your eyes open.

communist era buildings Warsaw

A bullet scattered house in the Praga neighborhood

View on Old Town and Theatre 

street art Warsaw
Street art in ul. Gryzbowska

recycle art Warsaw
The Mermaid, symbol of Warsaw, as a recycle art piece

Klubokawiarnia Warsaw
KluboKawiarnia. A Sovjet-communist themed club, including Lenin portrets on the wall, but with not so proletaric prices and tough looking 'comrades' at the door/fence. Once in, it's a pretty good party though, with sometimes good and sometimes suprisingly commercial house tunes for a 'socialist inspired' place.

A Mall, with the same shops as in Brussels but a nicer design. next to the central station.

Behold the symmetry.

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