Friday 4 July 2008

Madras By Night

Madras/Chennai by night. Not very impressive I have to say, but what to do when your beloved is working night shifts and you feel adventurous enough to venture out and take some nighttime snapshots of the city that boosts enormous crowds during daytime and drops dead well before 12...

My motivation to take pictures lessened substantially when I got attacked by a raging dog after the first street and I had to race through at full speed with my legs in the air. Anyway, I took some pictures and I'll try to photograph some of the same places during the day to compare soon.

madras, chennai, by night autodrivers, rickshaw, Chennai
view over Egmore and a crew of Chennai autodrivers in Nungambakkam, 2AM.

watchman, chenny by night chennai by night
empty roads (except for dogs), The Park Hotel (with crossing car).

madras by night chennai by night chennai
watchman sleeping, empty crossing and Our Lady of Valankani on Nungambakkam High Rd.

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