Thursday 31 July 2008

You Have Been Too Long In India When...

I know this is a re-post, but I'm sure many of you haven't seen it before. Also, now I actually might start to consider having been too long in India so the list becomes more relevant anyway :)
So You've been too long in India when...

*You realize that your toothpaste and breakfast taste the same.
* You know "initials" are not the first letters of your first and last name but the first letters of your 4-5 names before family name.
* You can't even think of eating rice and curry with cutlery, because "it's not the same taste"

* You know "short eats" is not a children's movie or an ancient measure.
* You start using the freezer compartment when you realize the fridge is broken.
* You put towels on the floor when you realize the freezer is broken.
* You can't remember the time before instant coffee.
* You don't mind anymore if there's no toilet paper in the washroom.
* You call it a washroom instead of toilet.

* You look right when crossing the street.
* You find apples and oranges to be precious commodities while durian and rambutan are part of your daily diet.
* You don't understand why you need a bed if you have a mattress.
* You scream and shout of happiness when telling your friends you had a chance to watch TV or take a hot shower.
* You think salami and cheese are gifts from heaven.
* You have forgotten how red wine tastes like.

* You think Wickramasinghe or Jayawardene are typical short last names.
* You feel good that you managed to haggle 50 rupees off from a rickshaw ride.
* You use chili sauce and call it tomato sauce; you never say "ketchup" again.
* You start secretly wishing your parents would do the pre-screening of your future spouse.
* You think it's a wonderful thing that a 30+ year old still lives home with his or her parents.
* You think twice before killing a bug; maybe it's better to leave it be and it will go away eventually.

* You express your anger saying "What to do?"
* You express your consent with wiggling your head from side to side.
* You express your disagreement with wiggling your head from side to side.
* You express maybe by saying "sometimes".
* You go to a five-star hotel with your company and prefer to have kiri bath and pol sambol instead of bacon and egg.

* You don't wonder why random people just pop into your house occasionally.
* You want to go and save a cow that is stuck on a green field away from its natural habitat amidst the traffic.
* You go to work three hours late with clear conscience and say "it was raining".
* You announce distance in minutes.
* You write a list of things that show when you have been too long in India

(author unknown)

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  1. Killing a bug and express your anger saying "What to do?" are the best! Hahaha